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release date: January 2007

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Bollywood Confidential - Sonia Singh
Book Description

Welcome to The Cold Spot: A ghost-hunting firm based in San Francisco and devoted to things that go bump in the night. Where no case is too big and no demonic presence too small.

Scott Wilder: The founder of the firm, Scott has a head for business and a passion for the paranormal. His motto is: Ghosts donít kill people. Running away from ghosts, tripping and breaking your neck in the process, kills people.

Anjali Kumar: A reluctant psychic, Anjali can communicate with the dead but canít beat the House in Vegas. Her typical Indian parents believe in reincarnation and karmic debt but a telepathic daughter is something they refuse to accept.

Coulter Marshall: Last but not least, Coulter is a telekinetic cowboy from Tennessee that can move objects with his mind and ladies with his good looks. He has an angel's face that hides the devil's charisma.

What happens when three people from very different backgrounds band together to help San Francisco solve its supernatural problems? How about a complicated love triangle, a beautiful but ruthless parapsychologist hell bent on discrediting the firm and a few spine-tingling encounters with the afterlife? But all that comes to a head when the construction of a new military base unleashes an unspeakable evil and the government calls upon the team to solve the problem. Only it may be more than they can handle.

Who says thereís no such thing as ghosts...?