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Bollywood Confidential - Sonia Singh Bollywood Confidential - Sonia Singh
Book Description

With her golden coloring, long black hair, and Oscar-deserving acting skills, Raveena Rai knows she's meant to be a star--if only she can get that big break. Now, after eight years of toiling as a slave girl, a belly dancer, a Mexican cocktail waitress, and some other truly unspeakable roles, the Lord Ganesh finally throws his lovely and loyal devotee a bone..

...all the way to Bombay--aka Bollywood, the heart of Indian cinema--where a young director wants her for the lead in his upcoming flick. Instead of the Hollywood star treatment, Raveena must cope with hellish humidity, screeching bats, a stressed-out swami uncle, and a sexy demigod co-star (named Siddharth, no less!) who doesn't give her the time of day. Surely, fame and a romantic leading man will be written into Raveena's life's script--if Bombay doesn't drive her crazy first.