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Sonia Singh’s Bio

Sonia Singh is a first-generation Indo-American, born and raised in Orange County, California. From 2000 to 2002, she lived in Bombay, where she wrote episodes for a Hindi soap opera. It was a fun experience, but she moved back because her pay, in rupees, barely provided for a nice shanty on the highway.

Growing up in Orange County, she always felt like she was perpetually doing the splits—one foot in America and the other in India. Basically, it stemmed from being the only “Indian” kid in class. Then again, she didn’t fit in with the sons and daughters of her parents’ Indian friends either. Instead of excelling in math and science, wanting to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, she loved English and history.

Sonia received dual Bachelor’s degrees in history and political science from California State University in Fullerton.

It only took her 20 years to realize that coming from two cultures was a blessing . . .


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  Sonia Singh - Author of Goddess for Hire and Bollywood Confidential